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Most people worry about the damage termites cause to their homes. However, Carpenter Ant infestations that are ignored or go unnoticed can lead to potentially more damage than termites.

There are definite reasons why your home has been invaded by Carpenter Ants. Pesticide applications, by themselves, only offer a short term resolve for infestations. ECO-Guard Pest Solutions knows Carpenter Ants! We will find their nest, eliminate the primary colony and satellites, and then work with you toward taking away those essential elements carpenter ants need to survive to assure they do not return.

How Our Program Works 

ECO-Guard Pest Solutions for Carpenter Ants begins with a detailed inspection. Our trained experts will identify the conditions attracting carpenter ants such as significant moisture, cracks in the foundation, broken or ineffective downspouts and gutters, plumbing and roofing leaks, over-grown trees and shrubs, firewood, railroad ties near the structure and anything else that may entice carpenter ants to seek shelter in your home or toward your property.

ECO-Guard will design a carpenter ant management plan tailored to your home by performing an initial corrective service with follow up visits where necessary, to address the immediate infestation using our time tested integrated approach.

The majority of carpenter ant treatments will be safely applied to the exterior perimeter and critical service points of your home where ant activity originates. Applications will be provided using the latest and most effective materials available including non-repellent technology as well as monitored baiting strategies.

Our Guarantee

Your ECO-Guard Carpenter Ant Management program is complete with 
Our Guarantee for the entire year following your initial corrective service and renewable each year after with our preventative treatment.

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