Higher Standards

ECO-Guard Pest Solutions understands the pressure and high standards of facilities such as medical practices, pharmaceuticals, and schools, to provide a safe and sanitary environment for their patients, employees and students. The presence of pests in a sensitive facility is simply unacceptable. With over 30 years’ experience and an unparalleled dedication to quality service, ECO-Guard provides something decision makers value above all else - peace of mind.

A Better Way 

ECO-Guard Sensitive Solutions provide responsible, least toxic, low risk pest solutions specifically designed for your sensitive environments. Routine application of pesticides places your patients, students and employees at unnecessary risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals. Your facility deserves a far greater level of care and professionalism to assure your patients and your co-workers are properly protected from dangerous pests as well as the pesticides applied to control them.

How Our Programs Work 

ECO-Guards 6 step integrated approach brings unmatched quality including our money-back guarantee of effective service with long lasting results you can trust and value.

1. Inspection: Our integrated program begins with our specialist performing a thorough & comprehensive inspection of your facility and surrounding environment. 

2. Identification: Our professionally trained Service Technicians will locate and identify pest infestations. Technicians will also identify Critical Service Points most likely to harbor pests and determine the severity of the infestations.

3. Recommendations: Our experienced specialist will evaluate your specific pest conditions and prescribe the program strategies that best fit your particular needs. Conditions such as poor sanitation, structural deficiencies, and harborages are all favorable for pest activity. Changing these conditions and removing them is the most responsible and effective long term resolve. Advising you and professionally addressing each conducive condition together is an essential element of our programs success.

4. Implementing Our Pest Management Action Plan: Our regularly scheduled pest management plan is designed to prevent, reduce and eliminate pests while minimizing your concerns with exposure to dangerous chemical for you, your co-works, your sensitive patients, students, residents or clients. Responsible integrated strategies including vigilance, monitoring, behavior modification, professional communication, and as a last resort, pin-point applications of low-risk, low-impact materials, implemented with your approval, to address persistent pests.

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation: Each performed service is a new opportunity to seek out pest activity, conducive conditions and to further determine the effectiveness of our program to assure the quality service and results you deserve and expect. The very nature of our approach is to constantly evaluate and communicate our program strategies to assure flawless service delivery with minimal intrusion for your sensitive clientele. All required or requested reports and logs will be completed and action plans reviewed with you at the close of each of our service visits and maintained on site.

6. On-Site Training for Your Staff: ECO-Guard is experienced and always ready to provide expert training for you and your staff to better prepare them for their role in pro-active, preventative integrated pest management. From reporting pest sighting and improving sanitation to preventing trans-location of infestation between work and home, our training sessions are expertly designed to enlighten, inform and empower your co-worker to become an essential part of our pro-active pest plan.  

Sensitive facilites include:

Quick Response, Guaranteed Results. 

We can confidently offer our 24-hour response if you ever need us for an emergency between services. Our quality assurance process includes extensive service reports, professional communication, Material Safety Data Sheets and log books that ensure the service provided for your sensitive environment meets or exceeds state and local regulatory requirements while being performed to our high quality standards. And more importantly, it’s why we can guarantee everything service we offer with an industry-leading, money-back guarantee.

Keep those you care for safe from dangerous pests and pesticides by calling ECO-Guard Pest Solutions for our Free Inspection of your school, physician's office, Senior Center or anywhere pesticide sensitivity is your concern.

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