ECO-Guard Pest Solutions 4 Season Service Details
Our initial visit is designed to eliminate your active pest infestation and initiate one of our four (4) seasonal Home Protection Plan services.

Each Spring, pests awake from their winter slumber and immediately begin to reproduce, seek nesting and forage for food. This is the ideal time to provide a thorough no obligation FREE Inspection and monitor critical service points of the interior as well as perform our pin-point perimeter treatment to the exterior of your home. Our service approach works toward preventing crawlers like ants, clover-mites, earwigs, centipedes and many others by identifying and addressing those conditions attracting foraging pests toward your home.

In addition ECO-Guard will identify & remove any wasp or hornet nests that may be forming in various areas of your home. Finding them early will prevent significant infestations in the summer

Your Summer inspection will focus on the exterior perimeter of your home along with your garage and porch or deck to address and prevent summer pests like wasps or hornets, ants, spiders, millipedes, and many others covered pests. Conducive conditions supporting pest activity will be identified and brought to your attention to keep you and your family safe while enjoying the season.

Your Fall inspection will establish a new treatment barrier to the exterior of your home by addressing pests, such as ants, crickets, silverfish and spiders and other covered pests as they seek shelter from the cold by stopping them before they invade. We will identify & address rodent entry points and harborages to prevent mice & rats from gaining access into your home. Our inspection will help to identify conditions attractive to wild animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossum & skunks toward your home and offer strategies to prevent their entry.

Your Winter inspection just might be the most important service of the year. Our inspection includes a written intensive interior inspection to identify potential pest infestations like rodents, wild animals, pantry pests as well as many other covered pests. We also look for signs of termite activity. We will inspect and monitor your accessible attic, crawl spaces, basement and garage as well as the exterior of your home. As always, we will offer our suggestions and recommendations to address conditions attracting pests toward your house by making it difficult for them to infest your home.

Our ECO-Guard Home Protection Plan specifically does not include coverage for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood infesting organisms, mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, fleas, wild life, birds, bed bugs or any other pest not mentioned. Service plans for these pests are available upon your request via our comprehensive inspection and written proposal.

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